Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A tour of my house is even more boring than this blog...

Rigby & Mordecai.  I base my life on their teachings.

  I was just on Facebook (again), and a friend was quoting an episode of "The Regular Show" on Cartoon Network. Heh. It was this episode where Rigby and Mordecai are trying to defeat a horrible pop song that came to life (in the form of a giant dancing cassette tape) by writing an even more mindless song. It was one of the best episodes EVER. Check it out sometime. Really. It's worth watching just for the character "Pops" and all the 80's references. Yeah, sometimes I watch the cartoons that my kids watch.

Okay, let's get back to our bargain-basement tour of my house. Any objections? No? I'll pretend that no one is objecting.  I'll also pretend that you are genuinely interested.

Monday we looked at a portion of our living room/front room. Today, we will look at the dining room for a bit. It's one of those rooms that we keep more or less clean, just in case 6 people force themselves into our house and demand a civilized dinner. That hasn't happened yet, but we are prepared.

Here's our family mummy. She's next to a really cool old typewriter that appears to be from the late 1940's. It weighs roughly 3 and a half tons.

Here's a picture we have on our wall. It's by Madame Talbot.

This is a sculpture we bought years ago from an artist in Rhinelander. We call him Beakey.  The sculpture, not the artist.

If ya'll behave yourselves, we may move on to more interesting rooms later on this week or Saturday. Got some more weird stuff to show! :) hee!

  So here's a question for you. During our last huddle around the kitchen table the other night, we (meaning my large yet surprisingly quick husband and I) were discussing at length which direction our business should be going. We were going back and forth about what people-or at least the demographic we were looking for- like to see in the way of art, collectables, and personalized knick-knacks. I mean, do people actually buy coffee mugs with logos on them anymore, or do they just get the freebies from work like everyone else? Do people buy goofy mousepads, or is that a relic from 1998? We really want to know. Tell us what stuff you'd like to see, or examples of things you like and have bought from other sites. I have no interest in trying to sell bland chachkis that were lame 15 years ago! You can email, Facebook, or use the comment box, if you so desire.  We've got a few really good ideas, but we want to hear yours, too.

  Also, I've finally wrapped up a couple of paintings I've been working on.  I'll post some pictures of them soon--and they will be turned into prints or posters that will be for sale!   Mmmmmm...moderately priced art goods......

   It's time for me to get off this keyboard now.  The "Z" button is sticking because someone spilled something in the keyboard.  I have my suspicions as to who is at fault.- I think it may be Wizzo the Clown.  Man, he creeps me out.

Gotta run, kids.  Dinner won't cook itself, and I can't paint & type at the same time.

Stay classy.

It's ME!

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