Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home Tour Part 4- This house is NOT clean...

You know what movie I'd like to see again?  "Poltergeist".  Yeah.

And so continues our whirlwind tour of select portions of my home.  Yes, I'm just as excited as you are. I timed this so that it wouldn't interfere with the royal wedding a few weeks ago.  I'm too classy to take away the audience from the royal family.

Here is the one room that may keep you interested for the 3 1/2 minutes it takes to read this blog.  There are so many knick-knacks, action figures and crappy nonsense that you're bound to find something that is mildly interesting.  I captioned all the photos for you.  Some of them are funny-- others may just disturb you.  I'm not going to pretend to care what the affect is on you.

Here's my work area.  ooooooohhhh....I'm messy, so therefore I'm talented.
I got this huge steel drafting table for 25 bucks about a decade ago.  I hope it isn't cursed or anything.

Look!  More crap!
I use the magic 8-ball to make all of my financial decisions.

And yet MORE crap! It never ends.
My "desk friends" keep me company, but sometimes they tell me to do bad things.

I just like Christopher Walken.  And so should you.
I don't think having a picture of Christopher Walken needs any explanation.

Edgar and Skeletor are good friends.  On Wednesdays they play darts at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Yes, I keep Edgar Allen Poe in a cardboard candy coffin.  He likes it in there.

Go out and read something by Jhonen Vasquez.  Don't argue, just do it.
Johnny the Homocidal Maniac is actually quite inspiring.
Good ol' Siouxsie Sioux.  She looks like she wants a bite of my Three Musketeers. 

If you don't know who Siouxsie and the Banshees are, you must leave right now.
Aliens are actually very festive creatures.  Just don't look too closely at their eggs.

My magnifying lamp is used to hold up silly things...
My tickets to a Cure concert 4 years ago.  Held to my lamp with sushi magnets.

Yeah, every artist has some kind of stupid action figure. 
Dr. Zaius still won't let the rest of the action figures in the Forbidden Zone.  Damn dirty ape.

Just got the printer.....Mmmmmmmm....
Good wide-format printer.  Good printer.  Stay.

Next time I will take you through my DVD collection.  I know this is a lot of excitement for you, but I think my readers are tougher (or at least more desensitized) than most.

I'm tired now. Blogging makes me thirsty.  Disperse.



  1. What? no more Robert Smith?

  2. am slightly irritated that artists who consider their workspaces messy are actually pristine compared to mine :/ great deal on the desk! who cares about a curse? those can be dispersed...a good desk is as hard to find as a good chair. love your gir. most of wall street uses a magic 8 ball, they just don't admit it publicly. johnny...heh heh