Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Paintings on Etsy! Oh, and I can show you some more stuff in my house.

Two paintings finished.  Why is it so painful to finish paintings??  It's not like I'm passing a kidney stone or something.  Anyway, they are done.  Look at them!

  I just put both of the originals up for sale on my Etsy page, and I will get my section of prints up and running tomorrow.  Still have to update the website with a big ol' link to my Etsy page, though. Here are links to both of them-

Workin' on getting the prints for sale, too.  Not everyone wants a big honkin' painting in their house, after all.  They will be 8 x 10, I'm thinking.  Maybe on watercolor paper, or linen or ragstock.  Not sure yet.

Okay, on with my spooky yet pleasantly non-threatening tour of our humble abode.  Today we move on to the kitchen.  That's where we cook, eat, and occasionally wrestle eachother.

Here is small dome that we keep on the kitchen table.  It has a little nest in it! We put the goofy plastic skull in there for no good reason.

Here is a close up of a painting one of my sisters-on-law gave me. Very, very cool. And veiny.

Here's the doorway from the kitchen leading to the dining room.  Note the spooky twigs of doom on the right.  Very impressive sticks, huh?  :)

These are our kitchen cabinets.  Utterly fascinating.  But yes, we do have a fence on top of our cabinets.  We have lights on top that add to the ambiance, too.  Shoulda gotten a photo of this at night.  Oh, well.

And here is how we tell what the temperature is.  No digital doo-dads for us, no sir.  We deal with 16th century technology in our household.  It's a Galileo thermometer, and it goes with our wooden ox cart and the leeches we use to cure our headaches.  Hee hee....leeches. :)

I'm afraid that is the end of tonight's exciting episode, kids.  Keep the dial tuned right here for more top-notch, blue-chip free internet entertainment.  Where else can you learn about leeches and Galileo?  Everyone knows that the internet is the only way to learn anything, right?  Yeah....

Gonna have a Hostess fruit pie now.  They are one of mankind's top 10 inventions of all time, right up there with the Sham-wow.  Goodnight, kids.  And remember- knowledge, experience, and intelligence are very different separate things.  You need them all to be smart.  Now get out of my blog.


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  1. I would love to have the veiny picture on the wall. it's very cool.