Monday, June 20, 2011

Would you eat a burger with an egg on it? Would you?

I'm going to the Music Box Theater this weekend!

Woohoo!  It's been so long, but this is going to be FUN.  I need this.  It's well worth the trip for a midnight movie at the Music Box with our friends Glammie and Paul. Ooh, maybe we can go to Kuma's afterwards!  They have THE best burgers, but my hub doesn't like the waffle fries.  What can I say?  There's something wrong with him. Well, there are a few things wrong with him, but this kinda disturbs me.

Just look at this burger!  LOOK AT IT!!
So how was the weekend?  (I'm going to pretend that you are all talking at your monitors, telling me about your respective weekends.  It's nice to pretend.)  I hope ya'll relaxed, or did something fun/constructive/legal/non-explosive.   Oh, speaking of explosives- gotta check how fireworks stockpile is doing.  I have no idea if we have any left for the Fourth of July.  I think we have some bottle rockets and Roman candles left over.  Oh, I gotta buy some of those burning "snake" things.  You know,  they're a little compressed cylinder that you light, and it expands into a charcoaly-snakey thing?  I love those.  I remember the scorch marks they used to make on the driveway.

Quite possibly the cheapest "fireworks" EVER.  But I like 'em!
Hey, Crows Feet Studios  has finally narrowed down our product line to 4 different items.  We're going to start test marketing them this week, and hopefully get some meaningful numbers back in 2 or 3 weeks.  We decided to get away from the usual stuff that people try to slap their logo on, and went with some items that were much more interesting.  Don't worry, we will keep you posted.  I'll let you know a little before they hit Etsy- I promise.  And hey, you can tell us what you think of them, too. Or just say "hey".  I set up the comment box here so that anybody can comment, not just the "followers" of this blog.   I don't believe in forcing people to "follow" this blog in order to comment.  I find it more fun to try and hypnotize people, anyway...

I wish I could make sparkles and shiny,swirly lines with a quarter.

Occasionally I try to hypnotize random people I run across on walking trails, but they don't stand still long enough for me to dangle that pocketwatch back and forth and use my creepy hypno-voice on them.

That's all I've got for now, kids.  I gotta go finish painting another canvas, and then update our website.  We're adding more prints to Etsy every week now.  You would be very, very foolish not to look at them.  All the other kids will laugh at you if you don't.  I'm serious.

Nighty-night.  This blog is closed for the evening.  No loitering.

 - Christine

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