Friday, June 3, 2011

Knitting up a storm

Finally, this one is complete.
  I have the bad habit of doing one painting after another, and ALMOST completing all of them.  Then I go back and do about half an hour's work on each of them, and then they are finally done.  Anyway, this one is called "Knitting up a Storm".  I'm using one of my favorite characters named Nissa as the subject.  She will turn up in future paintings.  You'll have to excuse the less than perfect photos- I took these photos quickly after my eyes were almost burned out of my sockets from overuse!

I am exhausted.  Gonna put this on my Etsy site, and see if I can put it on my website in the morning.  I'll be selling the original, as well as prints. She turned out pretty well, I think.

Time to relax.  The only way to rest my weary brain is with a rum & Coke and Ghost Adventures.  Heh.  I love watchin' those idiots run around in the dark.

Nighty-night, kids.  It's Bacardi time.


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