Sunday, May 29, 2011

Faust is in the House.

  It's raining and thundering outside. I had barely enough time to plant a few more flowers & herbs this morning, but I did it.  The huge lightning strikes happened about 10 minutes after I finished.  I was a little concerned about ending up like that priest in Caddyshack.

  Man, we still have so much to do outside.  When things are closer to finished, I may post a few pictures of our tiny backyard.  We did our best to make it our own little world, and it's still continuing.  We built our own deck, flagstone patio and planting beds-with our own grubby hands.  And believe me, wrestling with 100 pound flagstones was not easy or fun.  It was well worth it, though. :)  Remind me to post a couple pics, ok?

  Sorry for all the pointless rambling in this blog.  Just as a warning, I gotta tell you that you will get blog posts like this occasionally.  Today I feel like showing you some random things in our house.  Sound good?  Well, I can't hear you if you are screaming at the monitor, so I'm going ahead anyway, with or without your approval.  Oooh, I gotta get off topic for a second- did you see "Oddities" yesterday on the Science Channel??  It was a marathon!  Check it out sometime.  It's nothing but a televised freak show, but I really love seeing some of the objects in the that curio shop.  Okay, back to the matter at hand.

  I'm thinking about taking you on a guided tour of our humble home, one room at a time.  I will carefully edit out most of the mess, dust and children's clothes that may find their way into the photos.  That's the nice/scary thing about the internet and digital photos- with a few minutes labor and a couple clicks of the mouse, you can give a completely inaccurate impression of almost anything.  Frightening, no? 

Moving on.

Okay, here are some random pics of our stuff in the front room/living room. If I were 95 years old, I guess I'd call it the "parlor".  Look it up.  Anyway, lookey lookey.  Here's some of our knick knacks in our bookshelf. 

Some of them are silly.  I think you might notice a theme, though....

 And yes, we do have books in our bookshelf, but I didn't think you'd be too interested in our reading material.  Or are you?  Again, I can't hear what you're saying right now, so I'm just going to make a few assumptions unless you email comments to the contrary.  Whatever.  On with the show & tell.

I call this one "Mr. Moosenheimer".  Yes, it's a moose skull.  Antlers would have been cool.

Here's one of our curio cabinet.  The sparkly glasses look nice. 

And this is on top of our shelving unit.  To the average observer, it would seem slightly dangerous.  We built that frame as well as hand painted the sign.  Mmmmm....shameless self promotion.... You may be wondering why we have a ridiculously big, 6 foot long picture of our mascot/logo on our bookshelf.  Long story.  But, it looks nice up there.

So whaddya think so far?  Shall I continue room-to-room?  We'll see what kind of mood I'm in on Tuesday or so.  Our office is by far the most interesting.  We can get to that later.

I hate to cut this little visit short, but I gotta paint stuff.  My husband came up with a couple GREAT ideas for a line of products and posters for Crows Feet Studios, and we gotta hash out some details today.  Plus the kids are screaming about something or other.  I think it has to do with popsicles or socks.

Okay, kids.  Until next time. Here's a quote from Goethe that I really like-

              "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do."

He was a very smart, dead German dude.  Read "Faust" sometime.   Auf Wiedersehen.


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