Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm not sure if Robert Smith would like to be next to a rubber chicken.

  This whole "professional artist" thing is occasionally more time-consuming that I anticipate.  I'm getting backed up again.  I've still got a poster to design, 2 portraits, modifying 3 paintings, another possible mural, and now I may be illustrating an e-book and an iphone ap with a new friend.  Even good stress takes its toll, but these are all good things.  Gotta keep this stuff in perspective, schedule my time right, and take it one at a time; I can't complain about being busy.  Enough about my workload. 

  It'll be a short blog tonight, kids.  I stayed up too late putting more stuff on Etsy and then watching "Chopped" on the Food Network.   Ever see that show?  4 chefs are given a basket of mystery ingredients to prepeare a meal on a time limit- actually, it's 3 courses.  It's kinda cool. I like it because of the goofy kinds of ingredients they are forced to use sometimes.  It's sort of like, "If you open your basket, you will find your mystery ingredients.  They are-  six Funyons, some sawdust, a bag of fish heads, and a live weasel.  You have 20 minutes!"  Now THAT's a good cooking show.  Oh, and I'm now listening to my new cd of Cure songs re-arranged for a string quartet. And here's my stuff on Etsy.

    I almost forgot about our silly tour of the house. Tonight, you only get 1 photo of our office.  I need to take some more tomorrow.  I promise to blog again Wednesday with more photos, okay ?  Honest.  But for now,  you get to see Robert Smith, Theda Bara, and a rubber chicken signed by Svengoolie.  No, I'm not making that up.  He actually signed it for us.  We didn't even threaten him.

I gotta get some sleep.  Writing this blog for you people is exhausting.

I'm sure you have somewhere to be, so stop hanging around here.  Shoo.  You bother me.


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