Friday, June 3, 2011

If only our house were as neat and tidy as we would have you believe.

Finally got most of our flowers in pots, and the garden is pretty much planted.  We have 2 pumpkin plants in one of our planting beds, so I hope they do better than last year's pumpkins.  We bought the ridiculously huge Hindenburg-sized pumpkins this year, so they'd better be as massive as advertised on the little picture that came with the plant. Okay, enough of the botany.
Since I didn't hear any objections to the heavily-edited expedition through our house, we will continue with said tour.   Today, we will look at the family room- also known as the "rumpus room" or "the room with the TV in it that has toys, games & crap all over the place".

I gots lightnin' in my head!
Here's one of those "lightning storm" globe things from the 80's, but it's shaped like a skull.  It sits on top of our subwoofer, and we call it the Skull of Confusion. We use it to hypnotize census takers. 

Okay, the lower left photo isn't actually in our family room.  It's actually in the guest bathroom downstairs.  However, it is directly adjacent to the family room, so it kinda counts.  The image is an old German woodcut of Red Riding Hood.  I admit, I am a sucker for old German woodcuts.  They are inherently weird and creepy- not that there's anything WRONG with that....

The photo on the right is a custom made broom that we paid too much for at a Renniassance faire a few years back.  Still, it's a pretty darned cool broom.  Not very practical for the sweepin', however.

We've got a ridiculous number of cloches and apothecary jars with stuff in them. Here are a few of them that are on our bookshelf in the family room.  Note the spooky waterglobe!

Things in jars are spooky.  Unless it's jelly or something.

Here's a little doll that my husband paid our daughter 2 dollars for.  He modified her into what you see now- we call her Sushi Sioux, and we keep her in a bowl. We are thinking of including her as a helper on our website.

Look at me! I'm in a bowl and I'm spooky! Fear my raw seafood! FEAR IT!

These are our pet frogs. One of them is named Stretchy- I forget the name of the other one.  It's some kind of Japanese name like Gonnagitchamichi.

I'm 40 grams of fury- don't mess wit' me, homes.

Here's our picture of Rudi Hurzlmeier's "Krahe".  Check it out online sometime. Note the spooky birdhouse on the left.  We think in may be haunted by some sort of finch.

That's about it, kids. We will continue our tour in the next couple of days or so.  Oh, I am nearly done with my painting, and I will be posting it maybe later today.  Watch for it!  We're getting our Etsy site updated, too, as well as our main website at  And we ordered some cool stuff to customize and sell!  Oooh, you should see it!  Well, you will see it- just not right now.

Gotta run, kids.  I got my day job to get ready for, and I gotta take some Advil for my headache I got from painting so much.  Those big green gell caps work great, don't they? Okay, I'm gonna listen to some Psychedelic Furs and get ready for work.

Peace, and Humpty-ness forever.


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