Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Careers are for chumps. I'll just blog myself into financial freedom.

  So I was at my day job yesterday, and I said to myself, "I like my job, but I would rather be paintin' stuff".  I guess it is the fate of most people (though not all) to work their "regular job" until that time when a magical set of circumstances present themselves and you can finally do what you really want for a living.  I think everyone wants to love their job.  I think most don't, but they just do their job and forget about it when they come home, so they can concentrate on what they enjoy- i.e. family, hobbies, school, or possibly working on a new career.  But then again, if you did what you loved every day, maybe you'd get burnt out faster.  Maybe you'd put so much of yourself into the job that  you'd lose all of your enjoyment of it; both your work and your play are combined into something that can't be separated- so you risk spoiling both if you get burnt out.  Maybe I'm wasting too much time thinking about this.

I'll bet Bob Ross liked his job.  And his happy little paycheck from his happy little licensing.

I'll bet Charles Atlas liked his job of manufacturing men.

  I'm working on my big super-secret project tomorrow again.  You know, the one that requires me to form another company and copyright some stuff and work with those Apple folks.  It is going well so far, luckily.  I'm laying out some pages and trying to finalize the "look" of my characters.  This may take a few tries.  My business partner in this is really cool, so I know we will work this out.

  Oh, and we're testing out 2 products we mocked up over the weekend.  A couple of very good friends helped us out, and the testing is almost done.  Now the real work of getting past the prototypes and into production begins! This is kinda fun, actually.  We have a test marketing procedure in place, and hopefully some first run items will be tested out by next week or so.  No one told me that one of the problems with merchandising is that you want to keep all the stuff for yourself.  I'm gonna end up like those people on hoarding shows, with stuff piled 9 feet high and 14 badgers living in my house with me while I'm screaming that all the rotting vegetables in my living room are still good.

Yeah, I nearly tripped over the sense of identity I lost years ago under a pile of newspapers and jars of  Ragu.

I added this for no reason.

I'm tired.  I stay up way too late typing these blogs.  I need more sleep.  I wish I had a hammock at work. Well, I think I will wrap this one up, kids.  Gotta put more stuff for sale on Etsy, too. Remember, check out my stuff on Etsy, or I will put a gypsy curse on all of you.  Just kidding!  It's actually just a regular curse...

Now go to your room and think about what you've done.




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