Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home Tour- The Final Chapter.... At least until I don't feel like writing anything interesting.

I love this weather.
This is what spring is supposed to feel like.  Temperaturses topping out at the mid 70's, breezy and cool.  We ate breakfast on the deck, and no bugs bothered us at all!  This NEVER happens.   We may actually have a fire outside tonight. 

Any interest in milking my little tour of the house some more?  Come on, it's a pretty good time-killer.  Just one more post on this nonsense- I promise.  This time we will focus mainly on our DVD's, and throw in some random objects in just for kicks.

Here is our main DVD wall.  It may be time to get rid of some.  After all, how many times do we actually watch "Sneakers"?

This is a portion of them  We have more in milk crates on the floor. We own about 4 Blu-Rays. 

Here's the top shelf stuff.  You can just see the first season of the A-team. 
Yes, we enjoy the series Supernatural, as well as Alton Brown's "Good Eats".  Get over it.

Yes, more DVD's.  It's a non-stop thrill ride.

You know, "Constantine" might have been Keanu's best role.  Seriously.  Is that sad?

Here's a bit more of the nonsense we have on the office bookshelf.
Who hasn't wanted a die-cast model of Ecto-1?  Or an action figure of Marv in an electric chair?

This is stuck to the other side of my magnifying lamp.

Our daughter drew this mummy, with the speech bubble "uuuuuu".  It's phoenetically accurate.

"Be careful what you wish for..."
This was 79 cents on Amazon.  Can't beat that with a stick.
That's the office.  Well, a heavily edited version of it, anyway.  We didn't take pics of many things- there simply is too much stuff to take photos of.  Maybe another time.

Gotta run, kids.  There is a canolli in the fridge, and no one will keep me from it.   See you on the flip side.

Oh, and check out our Etsy stuff.  Going to add more tomorrow.  Wait and see....

- Christine

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  1. 'constantine' is the only k. reeves movie i ever felt like seeing. i like alton brown, supernatural..eh... i thought the writers slacked off into predictability mid season 3.