Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blogging, Rambling, Whining & Self-promotion. Isn't that what the internet was designed for?

Except for the addition of a garage, this is basically what I live in.  Suburbs are GREAT.

Let's take a break from our silly tour of my cookie-cutter vinyl house-box in the 'burbs.  You've seen one house full of crows, you've seen 'em all, right?  Right.

Oh, I know people from the Apple Cult will be mad at me for this.  They need to install a humor chip.

I'm in a rambling mood tonight.  Listening to the Killers right now on itunes.  You know, it's really, really annoying how your Apple devices are pretty much useless unless you use itunes.  Ever have your computer crash, and itunes crash with it?  Good luck gettng your music back from your ipod.  It can't be done using Apple software (as far as I know)- you have to download a program that you have to search the net for (a third party developer)  just to get all the music back onto your computer.  If you didnt get the music from itunes, then it's gone!   Well-designed software that is specifically geared to keeping you dependant on Apple.  That's capitalism, I guess.
  Well, I can't put down Apple too much.  They do make a pretty decent product, for what it is.  In fact, I will be selling Apple something pretty soon.  You know that saying about a door closing, and a window opening up?  Well, I just had a HUGE window open up.  I'll be working with a UI/UX designer friend to create something that will be used in a few different Apple products.  Can't tell you what it is yet until our company is formed and the copyrights go through- but I will be keeping you in the loop.

Nothin' like a little sci-fi steampunk.

Anyone seen Sucker Punch?  I'm looking for an honest opinion on it before I go see it in the cheap theaters.  There's that old theater in Joliet next to the Barnes and Nobles that has showings incredibly cheap during the day!  If you sneak in food (which, of course, I would never do, nor encourage anyone else to do...that would be wrongedy-wrong) it makes for a dirt-cheap 2 hours of entertainment!  I don't see many movies in the theaters anymore. 95 percent of the time it simply isn't worth it.  But, a few movies simply must be seen in the theater for the full effect.  Honestly, how many movies are actually WORTH the drive, the parking, the 10 bucks a head, the 368 dollars at the concession stand, and the annoying people around you who are too stupid to figure out that the cinema is NOT the place to use your cell phone? 

There are times when I genuinely wish for a recurrence of the 50's.

Now, there is one exception to my feeling on this- drive-in theaters.  I have a renewed interest in them for the last few years, and I can't wait to go to another.  My current favorite is the Midway Drive in way out by Sterling.  I absolutely adore going there, and it is well worth the gas to get there.  It is in the middle of NO WHERE.  The first time I went out there, there were no lights for MILES, and I was positive that Malakai and the children of the corn were going to stab us with rakes.  But I loved it.  I loved tuning my radio to the audio frequency they put out to listen to the soundtrack, I loved the foil-wrapped burgers at the concession stand, I love the fact that it was literally in the middle of a cornfield.  Absolutely nothing beats seeing "Night of the Living Dead" at 2 in the morning at an all-night drive in.  I am enjoying this bit of American history while it lasts.

All they want is to give you a hug.  Honest. 

I figure I should wrap this up.  Sorry if I went a little long on this one.  Blogs are so incredibly self-indulgent, and it's very easy to forget that there is a strong possibility that no one is terribly interested in what you are rambling about! :)  I wish more people would remember that.  Heh.  Witty remarks and clever phrases can't replace useful information and meaningful knowledge, I guess.

Okay, I've had enough of this blog thing for tonight.   Go do something constructive. 


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  1. ooo....your new venture sounds wonderful! congratulations :) i avoid theatres for the same reason, along with sensitivity to perfumes/perfumed products. forking out that much cash just to have to leave becuase some idiot would rather bathe in perfume than water :( etc. etc.