Friday, June 24, 2011

I thought everybody had a Hellboy lunchbox.

Rather than another boring tour of my silly house, I'll just give you photos of random objects that are strewn about my dwelling.  Take it as you want- self-absorbed display, time-killer, lack of anything better to do- but at least it may be interpreted as entertaining.  So no complaining!  You're in MY house, yo...

Here's a photo of my husband's Hellboy lunchbox.  This one contains preserved pumpkin stems from previous Halloweens.  He sprayed them with several coats of shellac to keep them intact.  Yeah, he's weird.
My husband Carlos "The Jackal" keeps weird things like this all over the house.
Here's another weird thing my huband built/modified.  Made a clock out of an old broken sony walkman CD player.
The 80's are BACK, baby.  Well, not really.  But you can tell time like it's 1988.

Here's a few of the  silly action figures in our office/studio. Yes, it is dorky.

With their combined skills, Pumpkinhead and Speed Racer were able to work together to get 2 orange squares on 1 side of the Rubix Cube. This task took 8 months.  Eventually they just peeled off all the stickers to make the colors match.

We bought this thing at Caputo's a week ago, only because it looked interesting.
We still don't know that this is. But we're letting it get dehydrated to shrivelly to see how cool it will look.

In the grocery checkout aisle the other day, my ever-vigilant husband noticed this next to the Slim-jims.  Apparently he thought it was specifically marketed towards him. I'm not sure if he thinks it's a weapon or food.
Sheer marketing genius.

I'd like to introduce you to Goaty.  He's my stuffed goat that I keep on my nightstand, next to my waterglass, my phone, and my Johnny the Homocidal Maniac hardcover compilation.  Goaty keeps me safe, but he's got crazy eyes.  Actually, my husband glued some googly eyes on him to make him look crazy.  It worked.
My eyes may be crazy, but I'm as sane as Gary Busey.  I also can fly and shoot lasers from my horns. 

Here is one of the new products we've got on Etsy.  I'm still making paintings, but we're also starting to market our other products.  We took this photo last night.
Soon, I think everyone will want a bag with a creepy girl on it.  Acually, I'm kinda counting on it.

Had enough?  Can't take any more of our domestic weirdness?  Good, because I'm done, anyway.  I'm still working on the other items I'm putting on Etsy!  Just got my first order for this backback, too!!  Gotta make some more.  I'll be selling backpacks with other characters, including Beaky the Crow.  I'll show that to you all soon.  For right now, check out the Nissa backpacks.

Gotta run, kids.  Behave yourselves, or at least keep off my lawn.


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