Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't mess with Lo Pan.

Friendly, or disturbing?  You decide.  I swear, that middle one is staring right into my soul...

You know what's kinda cool about some Chinese buffets?

  Those potato fries that are in the shape of smiley faces.  I think those are cute, and my kids like 'em. They are somehow very universally friendly and appealing to kids, I think. However, if you look at a big batch of them in the steamer tray, they kinda look creepy.  Maybe like they are smiling because they have some sort of plan.  But, they are a lot less scary-looking then the chicken tariaki on a stick (or as my nephew calls it, "chicken very yucky").  The reason for this odd topic is that we visited my husband's parents this past week, and they were nice enough to take us out for Chinese.  It's a small town, and there are only a couple Chinese places in the area- but we always pick the one with the big bronze lions out front.   Plus, the kids like the big wishing fountain in the entrance, too. They spent over 55 cents on wishes.  If at least ONE of them doesn't come true, I will be taking 55 cents worth of chopsticks from the restaurant next time.  On second thought, I probably shouldn't.  With my luck the owner is some powerful demi-god like Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China, and he'll electrify me and feed me to a big monkey or something.  I don't want Lo Pan to feed me to a big monkey.

Lo Pan may be evil, but he is one snappy dresser.  I'll bet he likes smiley fries, too. And monkeys.
Getting off the topic of convenient Asian cuisine, I am thoroughly enjoying the Science Channel's presentation of Through the Wormhole (or "Through the Pie Hole", as my husband calls it), hosted by Morgan Freeman.
You WILL learn about the nature of the universe, and you WILL enjoy it.

  I'm a total geek for quantum physics, string theory, big bang theory, multi-demensional universes and all of that.  Looking at the big picture gives you a nice perspective of our little planet, our little community, and out little lives.  I'm glad people are out there dedicating their lives to finding answers to the most basic questions mankind has- Where did we come from?  Who are we?  Where are we going?  What is all this?  Where are my shoes?  Why am I itchy?

Stephen Hawkings may be the smartest man on the planet, but he is also friends with Morgan Freeman- and he will mess you UP.

As I type this, we are also working on some more of the back packs on Etsy.  We are experimenting with the large size back packs.  I think we'll start with a big ol' crow (his name is Beaky) on it, and then add more characters.  Keep checking Etsy.
Yeah, whatever.  Just give me some investment capital.

This whole blogging thing coming more easily now. It was a struggle to put something down that I thought might be worth reading.  Well, it's still questionable as to whether this is worth reading or not, but at least it'snot as labor-intensive as it once was.  This is my 18th or 19th blog, I  Think of all the time I've made you waste.  You could have been taking out the garbage, dusting the ceiling fan, or writing an opera based on the movie "The Highlander".  That was MY idea, by the way.

Did I tell you that I actually have canned haggis in my cupboard?  Seriously. 

Gotta go, kids.  Frankly, I don't feel like blogging any more today.  I want to relax, eat pizza, and watch those brainless chimps on Ghost Adventures.  Chimps are funny. :)

Here endeth the blog.  Please leave quietly.


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  1. quantum physics & multi-dimensional universes make me ridiculously happy. my favorite leisure reading subjects.