Friday, July 29, 2011

Occupational Hazards

So what is a job?

Is it just a way of getting money so a person can pay bills and buy food and have a roof over their head?  Simply put-- just a means to an end?  Let's start off with the topic of money, before we get to that.

Here's a little something about myself.  I regard money (in the context of MY money, not currency in general)  as simply a way to have fewer worries.  It's not power, it's not prestige, it's not a way for me to feel good about myself or to feel superior through the acquisition of "things", nor the conspicuous consumption that so many sad, foolish people try to convince themselves is great substitute for happiness.  Money is simply a necessity, and a way to have less anxiety in this life-  a way to enjoy my limited number of years on this planet a little bit more and make sure my family is a little safer.  When you forget that money is simply what I described-- then you use it as a crutch for your whole existance....and money becomes your life, not just an incidental part of life. And, if that money were taken away- you snap like a twig. Your world collapses.

  Some would argue, "No one NEEDS money!  It's a fabrication of man, and we don't need it to have peace in our minds or calm in our souls!"  Well, you may have an excellent point there.  But, I live in the United States, in the year 2011.  I am the mother of 2, with a mortgage, credit card bills, medical bills, a computer with internet access, 2 cars, and a  whole slew of worries about the future.  I am not a Buddhist monk who lives on a mountain with no family to support or future to plan.  But let me tell you, I certainly do admire and envy the Buddhist monks...  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know where I'm coming from.

No, not THAT kind of monk...


So- how does one get this money?  Providing goods or services, as my highschool economics class teacher would say.  And what I provide is both.  Art, and  the service of portraits.  Plus my day job, of course.  But I chose art as a career not because it was the sensible, practical choice.  It was because that's what I'm good at, that's what I enjoy, and that's what I need to do to feel like myself.  Anybody on the planet can choose an occupation just for the money.  They can hate every minute of it, but spend years doing it , just for the money.  Meanwhile they get more and more miserable, their souls shrivel up a bit more every year, and they get further and further away from the way they were before they made the decision to sacrifice their soul/happiness/family/peace of mind for an extra zero on their paycheck.  And year after year, they have to cling to the excuses and falsehoods that let them sleep at night even more.  But then again-- we all do that.

   Still, I can't criticize without reservations.  Money has its benefits, obviously.  Some days I can't decide if money truly changes people, or if it just allows them the opportunity to be what they truly are- good or bad.  I don't know.

A ha!  You're not a KISS reject, you are Max Weinberg, the drummer for Bruce Springsteen!
Whatever.  As usual, I am babbling about an obvious topic way too much.  It's all opinion- think what you want.  Hey, I can wrap this up by letting you know that I've got a couple people interested in my paintings!!  Cool, huh?  Also, I've gotta send some prints to family members.  I've got an in-law in Italy that needs a print, and I'm making a custom painting of a crow for my artist friend Sam!  She's so cool.  Plus, the backpacks are selling!  WOOHOO!  People are asking for different characters, now.  Gotta get crackin'.  Here's my Etsy sight, for those of you who want to contribute to feeding my kids and putting gas in my barely-functioning car. :)  Plus, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the art you purchase is made right here in the USA, and no steroids were used, or animals abused in the making of this art.

Gotta run, boys and girls.  Time to turn the air conditioning on and wear my FEAR NO ART t-shirt.  Now please exit in a quiet, orderly fashion.

Peace out.


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  1. Enjoyed the read, ART-ON my friend, love your work!