Monday, August 1, 2011

And here's where I should probably put down the bottle and go to bed.

Here's a handy quote that I googled. I'm not going to pretend I memorized this. I mean, come on.

Example has more followers than reason. We unconsciously imitate what pleases us, and approximate to the characters we most admire.

-Christian Nestell Bovee

I'm thinking about blind followers today.  And just about all of us are, to some degree.

Which way should we go?  Where's the guy with the big cane?

You heard me.  We don't mean to be followers (well, most of us don't).   It's not a conscious choice a lot of the time.  Those of us who are looking for something in our lives- whether it be honesty, truth, acceptance, or just a distraction- we tend to inject all of our ideals and hopes into that person or group that seems to be in line with our ideal.   Internally, we decide, "This person/group is EXACTLY what I want to be associated with.  I accept everything he/she/they says as truth because I've put all of my hope into them- and I cannot handle having my dreams turn into dirt because he/she/they are just another flawed human/group.  If I am wrong about them- that means I'm a fool, and I cannot accept that.  So I will cling to my fantasy for dear life, despite all facts and sense.  Plus, they seem very nice".  And that is how many cult leaders and other power-hungry self-serving liars stay in power!  The followers believe the illusion because they want to. It is very, very easy to manipulate people with well-rehearsed "kindness" and method acting empathy.

yeesh...people actually followed these guys...

I just want to make your lives better!  And I want to have more reserve cash than the US government!  Come on, people- it's a joke.  Relax.

   Pretty words and a putting on a good show only go so far, though... when the chips are down and hard decisions have to be made, their true colors show.  See how "kind" they are when there's nothing in it for them.  Watch the plastic smiles fade away.

Quick- which smile is real, and which one will cause nightmares and siezures?

insert facial expression for desired effect.

Wow, that was a bit of a downer, wasn't it? Ha!  Why not just talk about sick kittens and the end of the world?  Oh wait- wasn't the end of the world already supposed to have happened a couple months back?  Or is it in October now?  I hope it isn't before Halloween, because I'm buyin' a whole bunch of stuff this year.  Now, this may shock you-- you ready for this?-- Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Yes, I know it is a big surprise, but it's true.  I CANNOT WAIT.  This year will be HUGE.  My hub is planning on making some animatronic stuff for the front yard, we've already got plans for a cocooned man to be hung upside down in the front, and we HAVE to make a terrifying scarecrow this year.  I am open to any ideas you folks might have.  Go nuts!  Maybe I should put out some Halloween-themed paintings or products...that's just crazy enough to be economically feasible...

Smiling vegetables are scary...

....But not as scary as this Future McDonalds Death Clown

Okay, my soapbox is collapsing now, so I will get off of it.  I gotta have one of those Hostess fruit pies again.  Man, those are good!  I swear if someone propped up a huge cardboard box with a stick, and put a plate full of Hostess fruit pies under it-- well, I'd be trapped inside of the box in 2 minutes. 

I would kill all of you for just 5 of these.

I'm hungry.  I'm tired of typing.  I'm going away now- do NOT touch anything while I'm gone.


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