Monday, July 4, 2011

Fireworks & Funyuns

It's the 3rd of July, and I've been hearing fireworks going off since 9 am.  Nice.

I wonder if our forefathers would find it amusing that most of us celebrate our country's independance with largely Chinese-made fireworks? That's not quite irony, but it's close.

Some people just think they can light the whole box of sparklers at once,.  I don't advise it.

Today we started painting our new art cabinet.  It was FREE.  My husband Carlos (the Jackal) was driving home from work a while ago when he saw a big writing desk, and this weird cheapo laminated wood cabinet thing on the curb in our neighborhood.  It was odd, and badly made, but it had lots of storage!  He got all excited and called me to switch cars and pick it up. He gets so excited when he finds cool things at the side of the road.  He's a big hairy scavenger.

Hey, look!  I found something dead and partially eaten!  Nom nom nom....

Anyway, we brought it home (after nearly having some dude in a red Econoline van grab the cabinet first!), muscled it into our living room, and there it sat for weeks.  He just now got around to dragging it outside, taking apart the doors and drawers, and spray-painting it. Surpise, surprise-- we chose to paint it black.  Just like Voltaire's book says (Goth decorating reference.  You can look it up! ) .

No, he is not paying me to put this on my blog.  But I suppose I would do it more if he did paid me.

 The inside of it is red, and the outside is black, actually.  We used that plastic-bonding spray paint because he didn't feel like sanding down the whole thing, priming it and then painting it.  Besides, we wanted it to look like it was slapped together and with a neo-80's chic/goth/artsy feel to it.  Carlos is working on making the all the handles out of welded rebar, which will be very cool.  Hopefully it will be done tomorrow, so I can shove all the crap lying around the office in there!  Art stuff just takes over my house so easily, I swear.

This is rebar, in case you didn't know.  Cheap, easily accessible, and nasty looking.  Like Funyuns.
I'll take some pictures of it when we're done- I may post it on Facebook, or even write a short blog for it here.  Oh, speaking of goth-conversion projects, we are also working on the Barbie Death-wagon. Yes, we have painted it black.   My Barbie mobile home toy that I had back '77 is finding new life as a spooky ride for my daughter's Barbies.  This is something she's been begging for us to complete for a month!  I swear we used close to a whole bottle of Goo-gone getting the 30 year-old stickers off of it.  It will be worth it.  It's still at the beginning stages of conversion- we still have to paint all of the interior furniture red.  And she needs some spooky accessories, too.  We may even wire it for led lighting.  Who knows?  But first things first.  Gotta get that cabinet done.
Our daughter has "modded" a few of her dolls already.  We may have to post what she does to them.  And then the state will come knocking on our door and ask us a lot of questions....

Gotta go, kids.  Lots of stuff to do for the 4th, including getting our potato gun ready.  Yes, my husband built a potato gun.  Get over it.  It's fun, and the kids love it.  We fire it at night with a glo-stick stuck in the potato for a tracer round.  That way, the kids can have fun trying to find it after it shoots the potato 100 yards away.  My husband grew up in a small town, and this is the kind of stuff he did when he was young.  Actually, this is one of the more sane things he used to do.

I'm leaving.  If you stalk me, I will be upset.

- Christine


  1. your husband sounds like fun. i like the goth barbie...good job!

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