Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Does Robert Smith dream of electric sheep?

Better late than never, I always say. 

I think I'm finally returning to normal.  Literally (wait, I don't live in Bloomington or Normal.  Darn).  I was getting a little too comfortable with the gothyness and the lack of structure.  I have to say, after this past weekend it was odd to see people wearing jeans and men at the airport carrying briefcases on their way to a business meeting.  I was starting to think that it was acceptable to express myself.  Crazy, huh? :)

  Day two started quietly, planning the trip up north of town again to see my friends- and then looking at the pictures I took at the pier on the previous night.  Then quiet fizzled away at that point and morphed into fun and frivolity  And the nervous, exciting feeling you get when you go someplace new.  I then managed to find yet a THIRD way to get to their house, after an accidental exit that took me to downtown LA and a nice traffic jam (why does every highway lead to the same destination in this town?  I guess you just have to know whuich ones you won't get caught at a dead stop for two hours.).   Today, we eat Thai.  The best noodles I've had in a long time, coming out of a hole in the wall.  It's amazing what you find in a hole in the wall!  Like a prize in a cereal box.

  After a trip to this really cool art store for a little paper clay- the Rockwalk.  One of my main goals on this trip was to obtain an imprint of Robert Smith's hand. (You know, the lead singer of the Cure.  Come on- he's been around for 30 years!)  Yeah, I know.  He's not "Goth".  And I was feeling a bit giddy right about then.  After a few photos, and some hysterical laughing with Annie and Greg- we got back in the car to find a flat spot to safely dry Fat Bob's hand.  From there, a whirlwind tour of Hollywood.  Again, places you see in People magazine and on TV- except they were cool.  Sunset Boulevard, The Viper Room, Whiskey a Go-Go, Rodeo Drive and all of it's rich folk.  On to Beverly Hills (speaking of rich folk), The Chinese Theater, The Egyptian, and the world headquarters of Scientology.  Man, that's a BIG building.  What do they do to those people in there?  Do they have their own soccer field and dirigible hangar?  I mean, really.

  Afterwards, I planned to meet friends at Disney for the official Bat's Day - then back in the car to brave the crazy motorcyclists (what's up with them riding between moving cars constantly?? They really don't know how to ride bikes.  Good grief.).  It's time to head back for the Black Market.  After finding yet another way to get from the hotel to my friend's house, I managed to get back in time to finally talk with some of my favorite artists, and some people I knew only by my computer screen.  It's so funny to look at someone and realize they look familliar, like you have known each other before- then a light turns on.  Once in a while, human interaction is a pleasant experience.

  I talked to many very talented people that day, and admired their work- and some of them had very encouraging words for me as well.  It is nice to get some positive reinforcement from peers that are in the same business as you, once in a while.  Smiling broadly, I returned to my room to get gussied up for the Swinging Wake.

 It was really a big excuse to hang out with friends, network, and play dress up. But the preparation almost killed me- white makeup from a tube, thirty yards of silver tulle and... who's going to tighten my corset?!  Poking my head out the door, I saw my lovely neighbors from the night before- looking quite dapper as always.  Ash and Casey were dressed to the nines, and were about as nice as anyone on the planet .  Anyway- after a white makeup emergency to which my friend Becky came to the rescue- we departed for the Wake.  Morticia and Uncle Fester, some great makeup from 13 Ghosts, and a plethora (heh, I used the word "plethora") of ghoulish apparitions attended.  I think I took pictures of them all.  The ones that showed up on film, anyway.

  Fast forward to the hotel bar for a drink or three.  There, we laughed and got to know new friends, and the current ones better.  Earlier in the evening, my dapper neighbors invited us up for a drink, so we took them up on the offer.  Green liquor is good!

  After making too much noise in the hallway at 3am, I returned to my room to try and gather my thoughts for Bat's Day at Disneyland the next day.  But that's a story for another day.. and let me tell you, all this with four hours of sleep and a bit of a hangover was QUITE an experience.

So, that was Day Two of my Excellent Adventure.  To close this entry, I offer up a quote from one of the classics-

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those ... moments will be lost in time, like tears...in rain."

Now, that may be a little Emo and melodramatic.  Well, maybe a LOT Emo and melodramatic, and throw in some sci-fi dorkiness. But come on, Bladerunner was a really cool movie.


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