Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 3 in California- I saw Mickey, Dressed in Black, and Spent Lots of Money. Then I left.

Okay, here is the last exciting installment in the LA soap opera I was involved in.  Again, sorry for the long delay.  It wasn't some lame attempt at suspense; recent developments have allowed me to get back to a semi-regular schedule, thankfully.  So saddle up, 'cause here we go.

Day three- Bats Day.  Oh, day three...  I think the reason why it took me so long to write this was because so much happened that day-  but it didn't all get absorbed and processed until much later.  You won't hear any of it from me, mostly because I still don't have a clue as to what really went on.  C'est la vie.  Don't ask.

Bleary eyed, I rolled out of bed to the sound of of a text from Karen.  It was time to break out the outfit I had specially planned for the day- and hey!-  the basic black corset that I ordered from the UK just for this trip was two sizes too big.  Eh, with four hours of sleep, I guess it didn't matter... tightening something that snug around my waist for twelve hours at a theme park was enough to make me a little queasy anyway.  So, after gaining some sense of balance and motor control, I then stumbled downstairs and met Karen & friends in the lobby.  We were all promptly driven to Disneyland in Matt's cute little square car (or maybe it was more of a trapezoid.  I can't remember.  My Euclidian geometry is a little rusty).

This is the point where we met up with (now unfortunately defunct) the "Crown and Casket Society" founders and members. The plan was to head over to Sleeping Beauty's castle with them for the Bat's Day group picture (which apparently is a tradition).  There had to be hundreds of us dressed in our finest gothy clothing.  Luckily, it wasn't 90 degrees, otherwise there would have been a LOT of sweaty pale people dressed in black- some of which would be passing out.  I think there was a movie like that.  What was it called?  Lord of the Rings?

Now, most of our group was exhausted from the night before because of the Market, or staying out too late with the nice neighbors (shh!  that wasn't me) so we decided to take it easy- a train ride, Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Carribean.  NO TEACUP RIDES.  Spinning, rotating teacups are just tempting fate.

I met some really fascinating, incredibly sweet and welcoming people that day.  The Crown & Casket members were most gracious in including me on their day out- Natalie and Joelle, Shannon- Jeff and Damian to name a few.  Oh, and Chuck!  Chuck likes to sit and read a book whenever he goes to Disneyland.  I love that.  Funniest, best guy I've met in a long time.  One of the perks I found being with this wonderful group is that we were in the company of a couple of castmembers (aka Disney employees), so we were able to see a bit of behind the scenes!  We all were able to ride on the Presidential Car on the train that travels the perimeter of the park, the one that Walt himself would ride, and sneak behind the Haunted Mansion for a peek at the back pet graveyard.  Oooooooo....spooky.

The traditional "goths-only" visit to the Mansion was a hoot.  If you have ever been, when you are in the first room of the house, and the floor begins to sink.  Then there's a creepy monologue meant to set up for the rest of the attraction.  Go figure, EVERYONE in the room knew and recited it word for word.  Loudly.  I think it's a universal fact that the locals all have annual passes, which allowed them to know the sacred words.  I know that if I lived here, I'd just come to go there and hang out, too.  While riding the moving car pod thing with Karen through the familiar sights, suddenly the car stops.  Mid ride!!  How cool is that?  Heh.  I wish now that I could have gotten out and taken forbidden picures- except for the unforgiving steel bar on my lap.  Damn those Disney security thugs.  Walt thought of everything.

After a bit of touristy-like shopping with Karen, I got something from a food cart (about 10 hours after we got to the park) that I will never in my life forget.  It was THE BEST corn dog I have ever had in my life.  Was it because I was so damn hungry, or the fact that it cost me $6.50?  I may never know.  But that corn dog was heaven on a stick.  Oh, I love you, deep-fried and processed meat.

After meeting Captain Hook, The Evil Queen, Minnie and Mickey (they were oddly silent) - it was time to say goodbye to the wonderful and down-to-earth people I met that day.  They were delightfully sweet and have a "I have a real life behind this one" kind of  feel to them, just like the rest of us.  At nearly midnight, after hugs and a promise to see them again, I was on my way back to the hotel on the tram and in the rhombus car.  Or maybe it was a dodecahedron.  Hee.

I called Becky.  She was awake (her night shift occupation allows). We sat in our jammies for three hours talking about nothing and everything in this big ol' suite that I didn't spend enough time in (thankfully) and wondering what life is all about.  What a day.  

What a life.

After all this, I think I'll put in my will that I want to be cryogenically frozen, and propped up next to Mr. Disney.  And maybe next to this guy, too.  Now go wish upon a star or something.  I've got stuff to do.


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