Friday, August 19, 2011

Do you smell that? It's the stench of Halloween and my blog.

So why do we hate movie re-makes so much?

Wasn't this the same poster for about 30 other movies, including Footloose?
I hope I never see a cloud like that above MY house.  Although he does look happy.

  I'm thinking about going to go see the new version of  "Frightnight" with friends this weekend.  I loved the orignal 80's film, but I am hoping this one has some merit.  I think I needed to kick off the unofficial beginning of fall (meaning that my kids are going to school, and it isn't 95 degrees anymore) with a spooky movie. Got to get in the Halloween spirit, right?.  But this is kind of a risk.  I mean, do I really want to see a remake of a movie I adored?  Will I be angry with this interpretation?  Maybe just disappointed?  Or will it hold its own?

I'm telling ya, teenage acne and dental work can be emotionally crippling.

Look out for the remakes.  The Crow, Robocop, Ghostbusters-- new versions are all in the works.  Frightening, huh?

  I think the reason many people despise remakes is not the remake itself- it's the idea (or lack of) behind it.  Just the concept of remaking movies somehow feels....well...uninspired and lazy.  Like it was easier to just re-write a great story with current actors, updated dialog, and hope the movie would fly just on popularity of the original.  It just feels like a creative cop-out.  No soul, if you know what I mean.  We tend to cling to movies as a part of our past, as a part of us that should not be touched or altered. And if someone messes with those precious memories- well, that feels like blasphemy.  Now, these are broad statements, and they may have a lot of truth to them in many cases.  However, really good movies (or any kind of art, really) CAN be made from an old classic.  Will it have the same feel?  Will it stir the same emotions or thoughts as the original? Almost certainly not- but sometimes it can be a true work of art, separate from the original.  That doesn't happen often, though.  A true work of art is hard enough to find.

Venus de Milo.  Old Classical work of art.

Faberge egg.  Turn of the century Russian work of art.

Hostess fruit pie.  Convenience pastry work of art.

  Okay, some of you may have noticed that I refered to the orignal movie "Frightnight" as a classic.  Yeah, yeah- go ahead and make fun of me.  But it is an almost a perfect piece of the mid-eighties interpretation of pop/teen/horror movies.  It was actually fairly well directed, too!  And come on- it has Roddy McDowell in a role that obviously was based on Peter Cushing!!  It was goofy, silly, but extremely watchable with fairly good acting and writing.  Like many things that I consider my favorites, I don't consider it a spectacular, thought-provoking artistic masterpiece--just a thoroughly enjoyable movie.  Get it?

If the cross doesn't frighten away the vamps, his snappy ensemble will.

  Well, I guess we will see how it turns out.  I think it's worth shelling out a few bucks to find out, I think.  And like I said earlier, I need a good scary movie to start off fall anyway.  I encourage you all to do the same.  Go look for Halloween decorations this weekend!  Michaels and Hobby Lobby have had their stuff out for over 2 weeks now! Menards is setting up their stuff, and I'm hoping Homegoods will be ready this weekend.  And let's not forget Big Lots!  I love their weird Halloween stuff.  Glaaaaahhhh... I'm almost drooling like Homer Simpson.

I'm gonna go watch some of the original Frightnight right now, and make some Halloween plans.  I also have to put together a couple new products I've been working on.  Mmmmmm....selling out........  8)  But this new item is COOL.  I test marketed it already, and it will work fine.  Wish I could tell you what it is- but you will just have to keep checking FB and Etsy!  They are updated more often than our website.

Nighty-night, kids.  Pick up your bottles and trash before you leave.



  1. So, how was it?

    I tend to get upset about re-makes for the whold uninspired, lazy reason. I get that they think that with the advances in CGI technology, they could do wonders with a re-make, but that alone doesn't justify making a remake. Especially for horror movies. And that is because the unseen creature is 1000x scarier than any monster they can put on screen.

    That said, David Tennant in leather pants is reason enough for me to want to see this new Frightnight!

  2. Nice photo with big teeths and mark on a forehead!

  3. fabulous Posts....Beautiful picture and thanks for sharing.....Thanks!