Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Olfactory Manifestations and Other Paranormal Occurrences

People say that the sense of smell is probably the most primal, the most likely to bring back old memories, of our five senses.

The inside of your nose is kinda gross.  I'm just sayin'.

Yes, there may be 6 senses, not just 5.  I have the power to see goats.  Yes, goats.   oooohhhh...spooky...
"Do you see those goats, mister?  They're scary."  "No, I don't see them, little boy.  But I sure do feel like shooting Hans Gruber at Nakatomi Plaza.  You wouldn't have a 9 millimeter, would you?"

I remember once finding my old orange plastic candy bucket (shaped like a jack-o-lantern, with the black plastic strap for a handle) from decades ago, and then getting a whiff of the inside of it.  Memories of Halloween when I was 9 years old came flooding back to me.  Getting sick from candy over a friend's house, the thrill of wandering around in the dark, wearing long underwear underneath my costume because it was SO cold outside, and just the thrill of dressing up and getting free candy.  I remembered that old excitement and nervousness that I had, in anticipation of doing something REALLY special.  I remembered all this because of a cheap plastic candy bucket that probably cost $1.95 at Kmart way back when.  And I wouldn't throw it away for the world.

I hope they never stop making these things...

 Nostalgia is a funny thing.  People say you shouldn't live in the past, but they also say you can't forget the past, either.  I think those people are right about both.  So much of our tastes, our fears, our likes, our dislikes, even the way we dress and behave hinge on childhood memories and experiences- even if some of them are memories we'd rather forget.  I mean, most of us remember getting the flu at a young age, and ending up vomiting up our last meal--which ends up being the one food we refuse to eat as adults.  A certain cartoon still holds a fascination for us for no other reason than we thought it was the coolest thing (or weirdest thing) ever when we were eight.  Or avoiding wearing a certain color because our mom ALWAYS dressed us in that color for school. 
Remember the Herculoids?  Man, they were weird.

I haven't actually thrown up from Dos Equis, but I kinda wish I did.

  In my case (and in many other people's lives too, I'd imagine) it affects my parenting, my recreation, and even my work.  By work, I mean my artwork. Childhood images from books, cartoons and movies are consciously or unconsciously put into almost everything I make.  I guess it's nearly unavoidable.  Childhood memories tend to be the strongest, right?  Which kinda makes me wonder- when does childhood really end?  I don't mean, "when do we physically grow up and become adults".  When do we stop thinking and feeling like children?  In my case, I still have some thoughts and feelings of a child.  Is this good, or healthy, or "normal"?  I have no idea.  I guess it depends on which thoughts and feelings, and how we handle them.  But I tend to believe that I need some of that aspect of childhood to do what I do.  Obviously, it has to get pushed aside a little when I'm at my day job, or driving, or doing taxes- but even then, it's in the background like a barely audible tv in a house, 3 rooms away.  Sometimes closer.

Growing up is for suckers.  I choose to be a monkey.

Okay, enough of this nostalgic clap-trap.  Are you getting ready for Halloween?  YOU'D BETTER BE!! There's lots to do! Spiders and skeletons and ghosts- oh, my!  We still haven't nailed down a theme yet!!  I will give myself 3 more days, then we have to commit to a theme.  I hope the kids don't suggest things like "Speed Racer" or "cheese" as themes.

This cheese scares the poop out of me!  Have you been to those places??

Hey, have you seen this?  I was selling them at River Days when I had my little show a couple weeks back.  FLASKS!  Spooky flasks!  All the cool kids are buying them, and I'm sure you don't want to be left out....
When you drink out of these, you receive spooky magical powers.  Like the power to conceal beverages.
My Etsy stuff is changing almost weekly, as usual.
 And I'm working on a new series of paintings, and they are VERY cool.  Well, the concept is cool- I haven't actually painted them yet.  But the sketches are just about done, and I can start Friday or so!  Woohoo!  Hope you like them!  Maybe I will FB my progress....

I am so tired. But, at least I had Indian food tonight.  Now I need some orange sherbet or maybe a fruit pie.  Perhaps I should combine the two....hmmm.  Where's my blender, confound it!?

Goodnight, kids.  I've got a blender to hunt down, and a 1920's artsy spooky movie to watch.  Now go.  Shooo!!  Get out of my blog.



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